Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Become the Supernatural Assassin driven by Revenge.


                  After a lot of teasing Dishonored is finally released. The game is being published by Bethesda Studios which is famous for its Elder's Scroll series. Dishonored has already got good reviews from critiques. IGN has rated the game 9.2 out of 10 and it's the editors choice. As Machinima says "Dishonored is a good first outing; it’s creative, visionary, and ambitious. I want more of this universe because it's clearly ripe with amazing potential." and they have rated the game 8 out of possible 10.

                  The central setting for the game is an industrial city called Dunwall. The game's main protagonist is an Assassin named Corvo Attano ,a former bodyguard to an empress who ultimately get framed for her murder. Corvo was legendary for his efficient combat skills and stealth capabilities, along with his supernatural abilities; which were bestowed upon him by a supernatural being called The Outsider. The gamer has to take the character of Corvo when he goes on a mission to avenge the death of the empress and to rescue her daughter. But on the way you have to get rid of other obstacles and complete various quests. You can select your own way of completing each of these and every decision you make affects to the gameplay. You can purchase Dishonored now for US$ 59.96 from Amazon.com.

Here is the official gameplay trailer released by Bethesda studios.

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