Thursday, October 11, 2012

Fulfill Your FPS Fantasies

Delta Six Gun Controller.

                                                 When I was a kid I used to have this TV game console and there was this game called duck hunt that came along in which you had to shoot the ducks using a handgun connected to your console. It was so cool  and felt realistic (well at least more realistic than using the mouse to shoot) and in later years when I was playing COD I always wondered why there isn't such a thing for the PC's. I think that you FPS lovers might have got the same idea at some point. But now you don't have to wonder anymore. There is Delta Six gun controller for FPS lovers who wants a much more realistic gaming experience.

                                                   You can basically add or remove components to Delta Six gun controller to make it a SMG, a Sniper or an Assault rifle. The buttons that are needed for interaction are located on the hand grip. You could attach silencers, scopes and attachments like that make your gaming experience more realistic. It has an accelerometer and force feedback motors to make it work out of box without any additional hardware and physically react according to the gun fires. The availability of this gadget is not yet available but it would cost you 89 US Dollars.


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